Stephanie Mandrell

Stephanie Mandrell approaches each home using her unique eye for organization and design combined with her 14 years of real estate broker experience. To ensure each home delivers a positive first impression, Stephanie works with professional photographers to ensure the essence of each home is captured upon hitting the market.

Stephanie has always had a passion for art, literature and design. She began her career as a High School English teacher in Flagstaff, AZ before moving to Chicago and becoming a realtor in 2005. Growing up, Stephanie and her mother loved attending Open Houses “for fun,” so it was no surprise she found herself working in Real Estate. Going above and beyond, Stephanie began offering to help organize, declutter, and stage her client’s homes prior to listing. Recognizing the impact a professionally staged home can have, she extended her organizational expertise and eye for minimal design to her clients professionally via Style & Edit.

Stephanie grew up with the mindset that a home should always be 15 minutes from magazine-ready. With a husband and two growing children (and life!), Stephanie believes having an organized system for daily living is essential in order to sustain a functional, yet peaceful lifestyle.

Erin Szott

Armed with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and a career in retail management and merchandising, Erin’s been purposefully curating her surroundings for the past couple decades.

During her time as a store manager at Banana Republic, Erin proactively began merchandising the displays in more optimal ways. Following that role, Erin spent three years mastering her eye for design as a Visual Stylist at Nordstrom where she was responsible for planning and executing window displays, product merchandising and seasonal decorations.

Even before Style & Edit came to be, Erin enjoyed searching for and studying homes for sale online. It occurred to her that her background could be put to a different use. That of “styling” people’s homes as they get ready to go up for sale.

For Erin, it’s never about making things look nice for the sake of making things look nice. Every decision and action must be intentional and have a purpose. And in the case of Style & Edit, the purpose is getting each and every home ready for that all-important first impression.

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