Style & Edit is Stephanie Mandrell & Erin Szott

(Get it? S&E? We figured you would!)


After years and years of being told we should do this for a living, we went ahead and decided to do this for a living, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Because, we’ve all been there, right? Standing in front of a closet full of clothes feeling like we have nothing to wear. No matter how fabulous or how boring, no matter how many or how few, we have all experienced the dreaded rut. And. It’s. The. Worst.

Enter Style & Edit: Your closet. Your clothes. New perspective.


Meet Stephanie

I started putting together pre-made outfits for myself years & years ago, long before Pinterest. I hated getting stuck in my closet every morning and wouldn’t always take the time to figure it out the night before, plus I just enjoyed playing around with different fabrics and prints. I would then take pics of them to store in my phone so I could reference later. Friends then started asking me to do the same for them, which is when I first really discovered the power of perspective. We all see things differently, so having a fresh eye really puts a great new spin on any wardrobe. After a while, I started putting pre-made outfits together for friends of friends, and then friends of friends of friends of friends. Soon enough it became apparent this was my calling. It was a big aha moment that was sort of right in front of me the whole time.

20 things to know about Stephanie:

  1. I love the challenge of never wearing the same thing the same way twice.
  2. Playing dress-up in my room at night after my kids go to bed is one of my favorite past-times.
  3. My other favorite past time is reading in the bathtub with a glass of wine. (After my first child was born I did this almost every single night out of complete necessity.)
  4. I dig listening to records on vinyl.
  5. I was a dancer in a West African Performance group for 8 years.
  6. Before moving to Chicago and becoming a Realtor in 2005, I was a high school English teacher in Flagstaff, AZ.
  7. I watch reality television like it’s my (other) job. Some of my faves are Real Housewives and The Bachelor.
  8. I have a crazy obsession for shopping in thrift & consignment stores.
  9. If I’m not in a thrift store, my other favorites are Zara, Anthropolgie, Nordstrom, and Target (obvi). Though after scoring at a second-hand store, it’s hard to pay first-hand prices.
  10. I was once a back-up singer in a band. We only had 2 gigs for a reason. Eek!
  11. I have OCD tendencies. I can’t get dressed unless my bed is made. I can’t cook unless the sink is empty. I hate piles of anything. The pillows & blankets on the couch have to be straightened before I go to bed. Etc. Etc. Etc.
  12. One of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning is to open all of the blinds while my coffee is brewing.
  13. I have one tattoo but want two more.
  14. My husband says my style is highly technical because my clothes tend to always have some crazy zipper or pocket.
  15. I love to accessorize and believe it’s what truly makes an outfit speak on behalf of how I’m feeling that particular day.
  16. I only wash my hair once a week. (I hope that didn’t just gross you out.)
  17. My favorite go-to pieces are ripped skinny jeans, leggings, and a maxi.
  18. I want to be the girl that can pull off a floppy hat. I’m not sure I’m that girl yet but I’m working on it.
  19. I often stop what I’m doing to have a dance party.
  20. My greatest joy and accomplishments were getting married in 2007, having my son in 2010, and my daughter in 2013.

Meet Erin

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a career in fashion. I studied fashion in college and earned my degree in Fashion Merchandising. I’ve had jobs in retail sales, retail management, visual merchandising and styling. Not only did all of those jobs help me to get to this job, but it’s the job I believe I was meant to do. Helping people feel and look their best is something I feel very passionate about.

20 things to know about Erin:

  1. I love living in the city with my husband and 7 year old twins.
  2. I have a bad habit of buying magazines and not reading them for months.
  3. I always say I’m not a very good cook, but the things I make usually turn out pretty good. Though, given the chance, I would order out every night.
  4. My favorite job that I’ve ever had (besides this one) was as a stylist for Nordstrom.
  5. I’m originally from Michigan. Though I love living in Chicago, Michigan will always be my home.
  6. To this day, it still bothers my mom and sister that I didn’t paint my nails on my wedding day.
  7. I’d give anything to go to a live taping of the Ellen Degeneres Show.
  8. The happiest day of my life is when my kids were born.
  9. I love to sew and be crafty, but don’t have as much time or space to create all of the ideas I have in my head.
  10. My go to outfit is skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt.
  11. I will stop anything I’m doing to watch Overboard. (my favorite movie)
  12. I love to bowl. I’m on a bowling league on Friday nights, and recently bowled my high score, a 206!
  13. I have 5 tattoos. Some you can see, some you can’t. I want more.
  14. Diane Von Furstenberg is one of my idols.
  15. I love to look through books about color and fabric design.
  16. I have more purses, coats and necklaces than most people would find necessary.
  17. When I was little, I would make my younger sister accessorize her outfits because I thought they weren’t quite finished.
  18. I have always wanted a classic Chanel boucle jacket.
  19. I’d list my favorite TV shows, but that would be all of them.
  20. The most beautiful place I have ever been is Bora Bora. I hope to go back one day.